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Spirits Of the Glen Tour Ghost Tour (Evenings)​

Min 2 people £75 per person Operates all year but better in the winter months.

Approx 2/3 hour trip leaving from Highland Bear Lodge around 7pm

Join me for an evening spooky tour of the Glens.

You will be shown the grave of Dr Campbell a grave robber hidden in the local woods. 

  (This is a fairly brisk hillside waterfall Victorian walk through the forest and

 heather approx 400 Mtrs long)

Then we head to the Loch side graveyard to talk about Banshees 

and see a fine example of a Mortsafe.   

The drive is then short to the scene of a Viking Curse and the White Lady.

The last part of the trip is a hidden graveyard of Chief  Clans reported to be cursed by a group of witches killed by the Clan Leader.

We finish off with a small dram to calm your nerves.

Walking footwear essential as we are sometimes on uneven ground.

To Book please email the date you would like to come and we will confirm on return. Payment on arrival and trips are only available to Guests.

Email link to book your trip